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Audio Visual Smart Technology



Customised designed furniture frees you from the constraints of mass market furniture stores and allows you to create pieces that suit your aesthetic preferences and living styles and add functionality to the storage and display of electronic equipment in your home.



iSee-av will advise you on competent professionals or work with your chosen interior designer and cabinet maker to ensure that the electronic equipment in your home can be effectively and discreetly integrated with the furniture.


Furniture pieces may be free-standing or in-built as a part of the home’s fittings. They can include storage pieces with doors to conceal products like TVs when they’re not in use; the doors can simply swing away or slide back into the cabinet when access is needed to the equipment.


Flat screen TVs can be mounted on a support which can slide out from a cabinet and swivel to provide the ideal viewing angle, or elevated remotely from its cabinet or from the foot of a bed via a motorised mechanism. These whisper-quiet mechanisms can also make the screens disappear into the wall, hide behind tapestries, paintings, or elsewhere in the space when desired.


Adequate access for wiring and ventilation is necessary so that equipment can be installed easily and operated as intended once the

furniture is in place.


Whatever your requirement, iSee-av is well-placed to help

you reach a functional and beautiful-looking solution.


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