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Undoubtedly, maximising your enjoyment watching TV and movies is one of the main attractions of integrating technology in the home. With the arrival of HD flat LED TV screens, high brightness projectors in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, it’s possible for iSee-av to provide the ultimate installed home cinema giving you a clean, beautiful, wire-free finish without taking up any unnecessary space in your home.


The relatively recent development of media servers is already making a “night in at the movies” a pleasurable option every night of the week. In the same way that hard disk-based servers can store and distribute your entire CD collection in multi-room audio systerns, so many equipment manufacturers are now taking these principles into the world of DVDs. These media servers allow you to transfer and then playback your entire movie collection to any screen in your house.


We can also integrate all of this fantastic technology with your existing satellite receivers, garnes consoles and security systems to access and distribute selected video signals to displays throughout your home. We can also trigger systems to inter-operate so that when the movie begins to play, the lights dim to a pre-set level automatically and the blinds close.



iSee-av are experts in the design and installation of HD home cinema systems complete with surround sound speaker systems (Dolby Atoms & Euro 3D sound ) to create a fantastic entertainment experience. These systems are typically installed in main living areas, although properties where there are larger rooms or a cellar, disused garage or other space available can be expertly transformed into a dedicated home cinema room, complete with black-out blinds and a projector and projection screen which automatically drop from the ceiling and spring into life at the press of a button.


Meanwhile, to enhance your viewing experience still further, high-quality waterproof TVs are now readily available for in-wall shower or bathroom installation. Screens can also be placed beneath kitchen cabinets and flipped down when in use, recessed into furniture, floors and ceilings or used as mirrors when not being viewed as TV’s, if required.


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