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Lighting control in the home brings you the capability to vary your lighting effectively to match different social settings, moods and times of day.


Home networking, via fast always-on broadband connection, makes us better connected and more productive in everything we do.


Ferrying vast amounts of compatible data from room to room is the basic principle underlying the integrated, electronic home. It enables the internal workings of the home to proceed efficiently, conveniently and economically and also enhances the home’s interface with the outside world. The more data that flows in from the internet, the more there is to share among devices within the home through multiple access points.


iSee-av have considerable experience in providing efficient home networks for clients to enable you to work effectively and efficiently from home. They can bring you the capability to surf the internet, use new Voice Over IP services, such as, Skype check emails and play games over your data network throughout the home.




Key to home networking success is the ‘future-ready’ cable infrastructure provided by iSee-av for your electronic home. This effectively acts as a multi-functional pipe, usable not only for high speed ‘gigabit’ computer networking and telephone points, but other applications too, including multi-room audio and video signal distribution.


Wireless (wi-fi) networks are attractive as supplementary to a wired network for those times when you may require access to the net from the garden or for those parts of the house where there are no data points.


iSee-av can help provide you with a high-speed home network that is ready for you now and fast and capable enough to take

advantage of future developments. They can typically also ensure that the home network can be accessed and upgraded remotely, making support for your home systems quicker and easier

’s home to the AV rack, or hidden elsewhere in a property.




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