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Audio Visual Smart Technology



iSee-av are particularly well placed to respond to your security concerns, helping you to

implement a full security strategy and deter would-be burglars in co-operation with NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) installers.


Perimeter defence devices can include CCTV monitors, automatic gates and door and window vibration sensors. Inside the home motion detectors, smoke detection, fire alarm and carbon monoxide detection equipment can all be included. Additionally, iSee-av can help advise on sophisticated voice-operated, video-based or biometric fingerprint entry systems to enhance security in your property.


iSee-av can assist with integration of this equipment with your other sub-systems to bring even greater levels of security. So, for example, when a window is accidentally left open a message will automatically tell you its location on your touch-screen. Motion detectors in the garden can be programmed to sound the alarm and raise the garden lights if they are triggered, while automatic gates can be opened and closed at the touch of a button from anywhere in the house.

iSee-av can use their expertise to enable you to see who is at the front door just by looking at your TV with video images from external CCTV cameras simply distributed over the RF system, and footage automatically recorded onto a hard disk drive. They can also help integrate systems for control and access over a home’s PC network, audio visual system, mobile phone or via the internet. Access your home security systems in real time, via your laptop, iPad, iPhone, touch screen and from any remote location


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