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Audio Visual Smart Technology



Every electronic system is based on a ‘structured’ network of wired and, where appropriate, wireless technology distributing data, voice, audio and video signals to one room or every room in your house. This wiring enables you to enjoy audio and video from a single system wherever you are, share information over a computer network, control lighting, shading ( automated curtains & blinds systems), security, heating, and much more besides.


What’s more, all this smart technology can be integrated and concealed into the fabric of your property or business to make it as unobtrusive, effective and as easy to operate as possible. The idea of liberating space as well as time is a core value of iSee-av.


Projects carried out by iSee-av vary enormously in size and complexity. Anything is possible, from a simple two-way intercom system, to a home cinema with a high definition LED TV or drop-down screen and projector, surround-sound, in-wall speakers, special lighting, automated blinds and individual, motion-activated seating. And beyond this to a complete whole-house solution where every electronic sub-system is integrated.


Virtually any home, whether it’s old or new, apartment or a mansion, river boat or ocean-going luxury yacht, can benefit from an integrated electronic system. iSee-av will oversee every stage complete project management from concept to conclusion, and afterwards be on hand for vital maintenance and upgrades.


iSee-av are experienced in working closely and co-operating with architects, house builders, interior designers and other professionals to solve specific build and design problems. Each discipline carries out distinct functions in the building process and it’s important to think of your home electronic systems professional as you would any other one of these professional contractors.





Imagine a life made simpler in the home, by having fingertip electronic control over your entertainment, lighting, shading, security and heating all from a single touch screen. Envisage a smart home electronic system designed and installed to reflect your personality and your lifestyle. One that is intuitive to operate and where everything blends perfectly with your interior design.


Play a hi-fi system that breathes beautiful music into every room or designated zone in your home through unseen loudspeakers, so that music follows you wherever you go.


Enjoy a home cinema system far better both visually and audibly than your local cinema. Curtains close, temperature adjusts and the lighting dims automatically, the moment you walk in the room.


Play any album, track or movie from your entire CD or DVD collection at the touch of a button from any room in the house.


Why not fill the bath automatically to the right level and temperature, set the bathroom audio system to play your favourite radio station or CD track, and ensure the bathroom floor and towel rail are warm before you even arrive home?


Programme and operate your home’s lighting, heating, air-conditioning and water systems to improve the comfort, ambience and quality of your own environment whilst ensuring optimum fuel and resource efficiency.


Integrate communications, home networking and security systems so effectively that you can take a live video peek at your sleeping child, your holiday home anywhere in the world or communicate with your family while you’re away through CCTV linked to your TV or laptop, or a Voice Over IP network (VOIP).



All this and much more can be achieved without an ugly wire or trailing cable in sight. Welcome to today’s smart integrated electronic home, allowing you to control, conceal and operate electronic systems within your home or business as never before.


iSee-av introduces you to the world of the Smart Electronic Systems to make this dream a reality. We bring you a series of inspirational projects showing how integrated smart electronic systems deliver breathtaking levels of convenience, enjoyment, security and control in the home or business environment. We also introduce you to the technology behind these installations - distributed sound and video systems, home cinemas, lighting control, security systems, home networking, control interfaces, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control and custom-designed furniture, and outline the core processes and principles that underpin each and every project.




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